Patty Harrington

pattyPatty Harrington here…I am a self-proclaimed Nerd and proud of it!  I love math in all its wonderful iterations…practical, theoretical and most importantly fun.  I grew up moving every year (my Dad was career Navy) so I went to a different school (and usually state) and learned math every which way. This allows me to utilize many different methods to explain math principles and theories.  That is, if it doesn’t make sense one way, I can try a different approach.

I have a BS degree from Duke in Zoology and have done medical research as well as psychological research.  When my kids (now 25 and 28) went to South Eugene High School, I decided to volunteer as a math tutor.  Happily, I met Gina Graham and we established a math and personal friendship.  When she began Math is Magic and asked me to work with her, I was thrilled.

Currently, I work for Extreme Arts & Sciences as a Data Analyst (math all day) and tutor for fun.  It is truly a gift to be able to encourage, support and help math growth in the next generation, as well and imparting some of the cool, interesting and exciting things that math allows us to do.  I am thankful to all my students (and their parents) for working with me and I look forward to every session and a wonderful year!