About MiM!

welcomeEstablished in 1998, Math is Magic! is a private math instruction school located in a beautifully restored, historic home near downtown Eugene, Oregon. Under the direction of founder, Gina Graham, we have a team of fantastic tutors with a multitude of mathematical backgrounds, and we all teach math because we love it.

At MiM! we offer private, shared and group instruction for students from elementary school through university level. All of our group classes are taught by Gina, and most meet once a week to focus on specific math topics from arithmetic through calculus. These small groups of 3 to 15 students are positive and intimate classes where students are encouraged to freely participate in the lessons and learn in a fun and supportive environment.  In addition to group classes, most of our lessons are private and dedicated to highly individualized instruction.  We realize that differentiation is an integral component of successful instruction, and we dedicate ourselves to serving our students at  level and pace suited specifically to benefit each person.  Our private lessons with younger students always include time for games that strengthen number theory and build conceptual numerical sense, while teaching the language of math in a creative and dynamic process.

Today our roster includes many homeschool students who study math entirely with us, some gaining school credit through distance learning programs, others learning simply for the joy of learning.  We also have many students who take math at public and private schools and come to us for both enrichment homework help and curriculum support.  From kindergarten through graduate school, at MiM! we do our best to provide exactly what each student needs with an emphasis on making math accessible, meaningful and fun.