2020 dates will be announced soon!


This class is for students who will take college entrance exams over the next few months. For the second time, the SAT will be offered in August and many students are planning to take it during this time so they can entirely focus on achieving their target scores. We will learn specific strategies, methods and content mastery for both the calculator and non-calculator portions of the exam. Course books provided. Limited to 10 students. Cost $250.

Algebra 1 ~ Get Set Go :
For students taking Algebra 1 in the Fall or those ready for the math of generalization: We’ll begin with an intensive review of Pre-Algebra concepts, including fractions/decimals/percents, proportions, inequalities, absolute value, integers, and move on to properties of equality, variable substitution, simplifying algebraic , solving multi-step equations and graphing the linear function. Cost $150

Quadratics Intensive ~ The Parabolic Experience: 
We will fully illuminate this Conic section: graphing, solving, simplifying and real-world applications. We’ll prove the quadratic formula, not just memorize it! This is an excellent opportunity for students who have just completed Alg 1 or are heading into Alg 2 or PreCalc and need to solidify this core concept. Quadratics are an extremely important part of every upper math class and most often, the least understood. Cost $150

Geometry ~ Logic & Proof: 
In addition to reviewing core algebra techniques used in geometric applications and assuring we’re all ready for the Algebra quiz given the first week of school, we will learn to tackle the formal proof, definitions, postulates and theorems and adjust our visual space perception to see the beauty of the first 3 dimensions. Cost $150

Algebra 2 ~ Up to Speed: 
Second year Algebra is notoriously fast- paced and we will boot up the algebraic method, solidify first year concepts, introduce the family of functions and cover the bones of the course, including review of Trigonometry. Cost $150

Pre-Calc ~ Sum of Everything (Math 111/FST) 
9:30am-11am This course will bring together all of the maths studied so far, strengthening the complete algebraic method, non-linear inequalities, sequences & series, advanced system solving as well as review of polynomials, exponents and logarithms, domain and range and graphical transformations. TI -84 plus C Graphing calculators will be used and it is recommended that students have personal calculators. I do have some to loan. Cost $150

Calculus~ Limits, Continuity and the Derivative: 
Introduction to limits at constants and infinite, continuity and the definition of the derivative, as well as the basic Rules of Differentiation. Ideal for students taking both levels of Calculus next year as well as those preparing for college courses. Cost $150